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We are passionate about having this life changing hobby that allows us to be free in the ocean and share it with others.

Getting the opportunity to show this to others that wants to be a part of it and having the ability to educate newbies on what to do and not to do while making beautiful locations available to all because, when we started, this info was not so easy to find.

Getting to share this hobby with avid keen spearo’s was nothing but a brain fart while having a braai with the developer that lead to making it all possible.

We would like to ask the users of this website to enjoy themselves while we create and maintain a website that was not available to us when we started spearfishing.

Fellow Spearo’s, this website will help you find new spots, accommodation for your upcoming trips and charters for those days when the backline looks a bit bold.

Let us show you what SPEARO is all about!

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